EdgeBox-ESP-100 Octal SPI PSRAM collision with Digital Outputs

I’m not sure how to use the 8MB PSRAM on EdgeBox-ESP-100:

The schematic says…


From ESP32S3 Series Datasheet:

Octal SPI occupies five more GPIOs (GPIO33 ∼ GPIO37) than Quad SPI

The 8MB internal PSRAM is using Octal SPI according to the datasheet.

For example, I’m flashing the regular version of MicroPython v1.22.2 (2024-02-22) for ESP32-S3.

This firmware supports configurations with and without SPIRAM (also known as PSRAM) and will auto-detect a connected SPIRAM chip at startup and allocate the MicroPython heap accordingly. However if your board has Octal SPIRAM, then use the “spiram-oct” variant.

When using regular variant:

>>> gc.mem_free()

When using “spiram-oct” variant:

>>> gc.mem_free()

But obviously, I can’t use DO3, DO4, DO5 when using PSRAM