EdgeBox-ESP-100 CAN Bus

Hi All, first time posting!

i am looking for some programming advice to get the CANbus up and running with the EdgeBox-ESP-100. In the end we will use CANOpen, but first i want to get a simple proof-of-concept of the edgebox talking to a usb can logger. i have done this before with a STM32, but want to try the Arduino framework and the edgebox. any tips/source code to get going?


Bump to see if I can get an answer :grin:

It works for me with the below library samples , needs to change the Rx and Tx Pins.

#include <ACAN_ESP32.h>
ACAN_ESP32_Settings settings (DESIRED_BIT_RATE) ;
settings.mRequestedCANMode = ACAN_ESP32_Settings::LoopBackMode ;
settings.mRxPin = GPIO_NUM_2 ;
settings.mTxPin = GPIO_NUM_1 ;