Edge device with Computer Vision application

Is there any Edge device available on which we can deploy the Computer vision application along with Cellular network connectivity so that we can send detected object image to cloud when something detected?

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Do you mean something like a Coral TPU accelerator and a ap called Frigate? or what else you have in mind? Amazing stuff, people, Pets and vehicles and WAY more. Inferencing in the Ozone…
This is old video but good place to start. GO! :person_fencing:

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Out of Stock at Seeed Studio ,Just got one a few days ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

tiny but powerful

There’s a USB version as well I opted for the E-Key because it can go in any WIFI slot in most systems Windows or linux no USB bottle neck IMO. YMMV

You can check NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

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Works Great for these scenarios.
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