Eagle lib to Kicad lib convesion program Contriburtion

This program help’s convert from Eagle to KiCad lib’s,
This is a update/bug fix version.
It has many fix’s and and enhancements I hope people making the
jump from Eagle to KiCad will find of if some value.
It’s hosted on github, so please make all comments, bug reports
suggestion there.

Contributions: Eagle to KiCad lib library conversion program.
Program Name: eagle-lbr2kicad-1.0.ulp
Program Lowcation: github com
lachlanA eagle-to-kicad
Program Version: 1.0
Run on/under: Eagle as a ULP only.
Licenses GPL2:
Date: 30-JULY-2014

Note that lowcation: you have to add https / etc, as the spam filter’s on Seeed stop me posting the full url :cry:

This is great. Just a pity that you’ll need Eagle to use it…

The URL censorship was probably because it was your first post. You might be able to edit it now that you have several posts.