E5 Module Coding Rate Set/Get


I’m working on a micropython application for the Xiao-ESP32S3 connected to the Grove - Wio-E5 module to send/receive LoRa packets. I’m able to configure it and send/receive packets as expected, but now I want to change some parameters in order to test how it affects communication in the specific scenario that I’m testing. As for know, I’m able to configure almost every parameter (SF, BW, Frequency, etc) except for Coding Rate (CR). Checking the AT commands in the provided documentation, there is no mention at all about Coding Rate, which I find a little weird. After some looking around, in page 65 of the * STM32WLE5JC Datasheet I found a mention about the CR saying:

LoRa PER (packet error rate) = 1 %, packet of 64 bytes, preamble of 8 bytes, error correction code CR = 4/5, CRC on payload enabled, no reduced encoding, no implicit header

Based on this, it appears that the CR is fixed at 4/5 for this module. However, I would like to confirm this with someone with more experience with the module.

Thanks in advance!