Dual Gigabit Ethernet Mini Router LED Fast Blinking No Boot, No eMMC Boot

Issue with Booting and getting to eMMC Boot mode to re-flash

The Dual Gigabit Ethernet Mini Router when powered on (Normal, no emmc boot jumper attached) provides a Solid Blue, and Solid White LED Light for about 20 seconds, then without doing anything, the Blue LED remains Solid, and the White LED and Green LED blink fast constantly.

There is no signs of life with the HDMI Output, and stays in this state until powered off.

The same behaviour exists if the eMMC Boot Juper is attached and powered on.

With eMMC Boot Jumper attached, and connected to a computer, there is no recognition of the attached storage and rpiboot also does not recognise it.

Has anyone had this behaviour before,
does anyone know what this LED Behaviour meaning is?