DSO203 DSO QUAD Firmware Upgrade Clarification


I have a DSO203 and I am trying to Upgrade the firmware with the latest most stable software, I need some guidance and clarification, thank you in advance.

My DSO203 Info:

SYS : v1.52
APP (PLUS A1) : v1.13 → I did upgrade this, originally came with APP : v2.53
HW : 2.70
DFU : v3.11c
FPGA : I can’t see any info on the screen about it

From this link: DSO Quad - Seeed Wiki
I can get the following files.
PA1_V113.zip /
DS203.V2.72.zip /

On this site: http://minidso.com/
They say the latest firmware are:
App V1.13
SYS V1.64

So what I think I need to do is the following: ( Please correct me if I am wrong ).

  1. Upgrade the APP from APP : v2.53 to APP (PLUS A1) : v1.13 ( which I already did and I noticed some GUI changes)
  2. Upgrade from SYS : v1.52 to SYS : V1.64 ( get file from http://minidso.com/)
  3. Upgrade the HW from HW : 2.70 to HW : 2.72 ( with DS203.V2.72.zip from the wiki )
  4. I don’t see how to upgrade the DFU : v3.11c also I wonder if I have to or just leave it like that.
  5. I don’t see any master code in my current screen, Once I upgrade it to v2.72 am I going to need one?

I hope you can help me with this questions, thank you in advance.