DSO Nano V2 - working correctly?

I am new to the DSO Nano (got it about a week ago) and I think it might not be working correctly. However, I am not very good with electronics - I am able to release the magical blue smoke, but I do not know how to put it back in. I have posted some pics of the nano in action at

campus.albion.edu/wjwilson/resea … nano-pics/

Captions should explain what you see. Basically - when no input is applied should there be a noticeable signal?

Thanks for any help you can offer this newbie (and yes, I have also emailed Seeed Studio’s Tech support).


I can’t tell 100% from your images.

The disconnected image might be normal, depending on your settings. My Nano does show some noise at the most sensitive settings, as do all scopes.

There is glare in your photos obscuring the settings. We’ll do much better if you post BMP’s directly from the Nano using FI > Save Image. Of course, you’ll need to put in a MicroSD to do that. It’s a lot quicker than pulling out a camera :wink:

Alternatively, just manually post the VD and TD settings for each image here.

If I click on the photos to view them directly I can read all the text. However, I understand that the images are not perfect. I will try the direct save method later today or tonight.

Thanks for the reply!


pic_NoInput : this is quite normal for all of the scopes,
there is some vibration in the air (50/60Hz,Computer,TV)
please try to shorten the Input to GND and then have a look.
(Use a spare-part-plug and solder the hot pin to ground)

pic_mp3 : may the plug is missing proper connection?

finger touching the tip : you should see a nice 50Hz or 60Hz,
depends where You live.