DSJTAG + Xilinx XC9572XL


Bought from you:

I decided to try what it is. Never did not have case. While there was one question on the connection.

  1. Which is better to use the cable (included) for programming this unit (XC9572XL)?
  2. The module XC9572XL has a contact “VTG” - this is the power supply (+)?
  3. Requires power module (XC9572XL) for its programming through DSJTAG or enough power going through a programmable connector?
  4. DSJTAG have contact “VREF”, should be connected to “VTG”?

There is a connection scheme for the module DSJTAG + XC9572XL?

Everything, figured out, no more questions on connection pins.
It works! :laughing: