Dragrove Setup/Troubleshooting

Hi there,

I just received my Dragrove in the mail, and so I went to set it up via Ethernet. I cant get a connection going so that I can do the setup. I connected it to my Vista laptop first, and that didnt work. So I tried my Windows 7 computer, and still nothing. What does the blinking Heart LED mean? Can I get some help on this?

So…nobody can help me with this? Are you serious? You sell a device for which you have no tech support for.

I’ve got similar issues with my dragrove; I found that by removing the arduino daughter board the dragino part works fine (LAN and WiFi access etc) but with the daughter board in place the dragino is in accessible. It just sits there with the power light on and heartbeat flashing. I tried reflashing my board but that didn’t help. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hmm, thats interesting. Thanks for the input. Its a shame if the daughter board doesnt work, because I wanted to get XBee working with the Dragino.

I unplugged the Dragrove daughter board and the Dragino worked just fine. Well now I need to get the Dragrove daughter board working so that I can do XBee communications.

dragino.com/downloads/MS12/D … 20v0.6.pdf

Check page 2, upper right corner, CON6. Pin 4 (labeled COLD) is used to reset the dragino main board by the daughterboard. Maybe the grove keeps it high keeping the main board in reset state.

If you look at the daughter board up close, you’ll see that Pin 4 of CON5 (COLD) is grounded. There is no CON6.

I think you might be on to something with the resets, but its coming from somewhere else.


Thanks schmron.

So I discovered that I misinterpreted the datasheet and the board. Theres a little line to indicate pin 1 on the connector on the board, but they put it on the wrong side of the connector, so I got confused. Looking again, I see that the COLD pin is connected to a resistor which goes to one of the ATMEGA pins. When I grounded that pin, the Dragino began the boot process. So Im going to have to see how to solder/connect a wire from Pin 4 (its the second pin on the left of the connector, when the XBee is pointed towards you) over to a ground pin. Then you can re-flash the board, and you should set that pin (PD4) to low. Its strange that they have the COLD pin traced back to a via on the sensor connector. You would think it would be a dedicated trace to the microcontroller.

So my next question is how can I program that daughter board so that I can set that pin (PD4) to low?

You can see my progress with the Dragrove on my blog at: http://tae09.blogspot.com.

PD4 is digital pin 4 on the arduino. So, boot the dragino + daughterboard with the jumper, compile this arduino sketch on the IDE

[code]void setup() {
pinMode(4, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(4, LOW);

void loop() {
and flash it on the board using this guide dragino.com/wiki/index.php?t … hter_Board

After flashing, you can safely remove the jumper. Just remember to set pin 4 low in every sketch you write.

Thanks for the post.

I already figured the code and flashing tutorial out before you posted, as I have noted on my blog: http://tae09.blogspot.com/2012/04/dragrove-daughter-board.html. The steps to programming the board are a little vague, so thats what I was asking to clarify. Sorry that I didnt phrase my question correctly. I already know that I will need to upload the hex file to the Dragino via SSH and TFTP, and the daughter board upgrade script is provided on http://svn.dragino.com/scripts/upgrade_avr.sh. I’ll post if I have any problems getting it to work.

Wanted to thank you guys for your posts and wanted to share the approach I used.

I plugged in my AVRISP MKII, loaded a bootloader onto the daughter board.
Uploaded a basic program that sets pin 4 low.

I was not able to upload before installing the bootlooder using the UartSBee v4.0

tae0019 thanks for your help with this. My dragrove is now working and uploading to Pachube. It is important to set the board type to “Arduino Diecimila or Duemilanove w/ATmega168” in the arduino ide.


I have all the Login Information, feed and Keys entered in.
How to do setup the datastream with Pachube?
What do you enter for ID, TAGS, UNITS and SYMBOLS ??

I havent gotten to this part yet on my blog (still trying to get my SSH/TFTP to work), but I found a number of useful tutorials on the Pachube website.

I setup a temporary feed for my trial/error; I put in a sensor ID of 0, the TAG is LPG for the sensor Im using, UNITS are in PPM, and the SYMBOL is PPM. Once you setup your feed, all you need is the Key and the Feed address, and you can send data from your Dragino over to Pachube.

Let me know when you get it working.

To get upload working with Pachube you just need to generate a Pachube account, a feed and a key giving access to the feed. You then enter the information into the sensors parts of the dragrove web app: no need to change any of the sensors values, (from memory) just set to upload to pachube, enter the feed number, account name and key. For testing I’d recommend starting with the existing hex file here svn.dragino.com/examples/SerialToPachube/avr/ . In general just follow the instructions on the seeed dragrove wiki site.

Have you gotten the XBee to receive data from your sensors? Thats what Im really striving for; I just wrote my code to read data in from the UART of the XBee and write data out to the UART of the Dragino. Not sure if thats going to work.

No I just connected some sensors directly to the Dragrove. Note you need to use a software serial port to send data to the dragino from the arduino daughter board as per the seeed directions; see the example here svn.dragino.com/examples/SerialToPachube/avr/

I tried using the exact code for serial to pachube.
Login, Feed # and Keys are entered.
The Dragrove is NOT creating a log, even tho the checkbox is selected.
I know the dragrove can access the internet, as I can browse the internet with computer connected to the Dragrove.

I have updated the Firmware to the latest version on the Dragino site.
Since Pachube doesn’t appear to be receiving the feed, and the Dragrove doesn’t create the Log, I suspected the AVR was not running. I blink the Led on Pin#13 in the loop to ensure the AVR is running.

It appears the Dragrove is ignoring serial data from the AVR thus does nothing with it.

Any ideas ?

I found it necessary to reflash the daughter board using avrdude after restarting the dragino, otherwise even a working sketch won’t restart. Version 2.0-beta-1 firmware may fix this.