Downlink Message Issue with Sensecap 2105 Sensors on The Things Stack

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We recently started using Sensecap 2105 sensors, and I attempted to send a downlink message to one of our sensors. Unfortunately, when I send the message from the manual in HEX format (00 89 00 11 22 0A 00 38 B4) through The Things Stack, I receive an error saying “No decoder defined for codec: sensecap210x-codec.”

Since the sensecap sensors 2105 are already in the things stack repo the corresponding payload formatters are already in place.

Does anyone have an idea about what the problem might be and how to fix it?


Hi there,
Is that a straight hex conversion for the command? Does it include a CRC, I thought I saw that on another thread for the command response to work it needed one? YMMV
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the hex code was straight from the manual. In the meantime I could find a solution. It was just waiting. The message with the codec was misleading and didn’t had any bad impact so far. After the configured interval is over you receive a message that the new interval was applied.

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