Does XIAO nRF52840 support DAPLink for debugging & bootloader flashing?

JLink is pretty expensive (unless I buy a clone, which has a risk of being blocked by Segger). So I’m considering buying a DAPLink. Segger website claims they have added DAPLink support for Embedded Studio, but not sure which features will actually work.

I’m wondering, will DAPLink indeed work with XIAO nRF52840 for both debugging and flashing through J-Flash? Has anyone tried that? Will XIAO SAMD21 with DAPLink sketch (as described here How to use Arduino Borads as DAPLink Device - Seeed Wiki) be good enough for working with XIAO nRF52840?
There are also many DAPLink choices on AliExpress but I’m new to this JLink/DAPLink stuff, I have only Arduino experience.

Also, I’m worried about so many reports of XIAOs getting bricked for no apparent reason. Is it true? Can they be always unbricked by reflashing bootloader or is there any other reason? What is the official Seeed response regarding this bricking issue? Is it specific to XIAO SAMD21 or would XIAO nRF52840 also suffer from this?