Diagnosing unknown LoRa-E5-HF module issue


As the title suggests, I am trying to diagnose an unknown issue with the LoRa-E5-HF module. I do not expect an exact solution because I understand this might be a very specific situation, but what I am looking for is some direction.

We are using PuTTy and an STLink probe to output logs over the serial connection. With the current firmware we are running on it, we do see that the module is starting up, but we don’t get much else useful output to work with.
What I am trying to figure out is if there is firmware that could be flashed onto this that would help in the diagnosing process that may potentially output some more useful information. Perhaps some way of indicating if the board is underpowered or burned out or really anything useful.

We have this module built into a board that we are using for one of our devices, and we are using STM32CubeProgrammer to flash it with some custom firmware. We don’t think its the firmware, because we have a previous version of the board using the same module and firmware and it worked just fine (dozens of these working boards). It is just on the newest version that it does not work. Out of ten prototypes, only three worked successfully. So it seems to point to a hardware problem.

I know it’s a pretty specific case with the custom firmware and all, that’s why I’m trying to see if there is something out there I can flash that is more known, or verbose, or perhaps with some documentation.

I am fairly new to hardware debugging on this level, so I would be grateful for any advice on the matter.

Thank you