Device tree and kernel config for Quantum Mini Linux Development Kit

Hi, just got Quantum Mini Linux Development Kit and checking how to make board config for buildroot. Wiki page says Seeed image is based on nano pi and I came across these configs in buildroot for H3 nano pi’s:

  1. friendlyarm_nanopi_m1_defconfig
  2. friendlyarm_nanopi_neo_defconfig
  3. friendlyarm_nanopi_r1_defconfig

Any advice, which could be good starting point and is there device tree available for Quantum Mini ?

While I have not received my order, I am anxiously waiting for its hopeful arrival. However, this should be helpful.

As well…

May the Schwartz be with you!

Yeah got it working out. I have now 5.18 kernel running on quantum. Display access is still pending, I try probably use it directly from user space and forget about the console. fbTFT is EOL on latest kernels anyway. Thanks for links!