Decibel Monitor

For my first RPi project, I’d like to build a RPi that will log the approx decibel level in my basement that will tell me how long my oil burner is burning. It will log time and decibel level every 5 seconds. I will upload the csv to my web server daily and process it in mysql and php.

I’m currently between purchasing the grove loudness sensor and the ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT microphone expansion board.

It seems that the loudness sensor would probably work for this … but … do you think the ReSpeaker would work also? (quicker delivery for the respeaker!)



Hi Patrick

the loudness sensor can not turn the sound into db. it is only outputs to voltage. we can not map the voltage to db accurately. you can refer to for more detail info.

for the respeaker pi hat, we do not use it for the db meter before. i see that there is sound meter python library. please check if it works. thanks.