Custom camera drivers for Jetson TX2 NX on A203 board

Are there any tutorials or support for building/updating the device tree for a different camera driver? I know Seeed provides the updated top level .dtb kernel for the A203 carrier board (thanks!) but as far as I can tell, I need to build the kernel from Nvidia source which would override the Seeed driver.

For clarity, I need a kernel driver and device tree (or overlay) to connect a MIPI camera to the CSI port on the A203v2 with an Nvidia Jetson TX2 NX module. I successfully flashed this setup and tested an 8mp IMX219 which is natively supported by the kernel. However, I need it to work with either an AR1335 (e-consystems e-CAM131_CUNX) or IMX477 (Arducam).

Hello, I am also having trouble with specifically the reComputer Jetson-10 when it comes to the E-CAM131_CUNX. e-consystems have drivers specific for this camera that only works with Jetpack 4.5 and 4.6 (These are not the original systems that come with Jetson-10). After flashing to these Jetpacks, and installing their drivers, the E-CAM131_CUNX is still unable to connect. I suspect because there are drivers still missing due to the overwriting. Can we get support for this? Thanks.