Connecting Xiao nRF52840 to Arduino IDE

I can only upload code (i.e. connect to xiao) when I go into bootloader mode. I will have to press the reset button twice while uploading. Otherwise, the ‘port’ section on Arduino is grey and is not accessible.
It connected once a couple of hours ago without going into bootloader but not anymore.

I can see the COM port active on Device Manager (Windows) and connect to it on Arduino IDE while it is in bootloader mode. (it immediately disconnects when you exit the mode)

I want access to Serial monitor etc. to see output live.


… thats what bootloader means … its the mode for uploading the code… I know it is a pain but that is the price to pay for a device that small

You can lower your com speed down to 19200 or 9600 baud and that will usually not require boot button… but i have noticed the newer processors ALSO require the reboot button to be pressed or cycle power to get code to run or reset, so be careful if you change a little thing in the code and it doesnt seem to do anything that may be why…

also you can try ArduinoOTA