Connecting Push Button to GPIO on JETSON ORIN 3011


I am trying to connect a “KKSB 12mm Push Button Momentary Power Switch 2.54mm DuPont Connectors 150mm Wires” button to GPIO on JETSON ORIN 3011.

I have a Python script that uses Jetson.GPIO library. When button was pushed, the script should be able to read the push event.

I was connecting the black wire to pin 39 (GND) and the red cable to pin 37. I set mode to GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM).

So pin 37 should be GPIO26.

button_pin = 26 = GPIO pin 
GPIO.setup(button_pin, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP)

Jetson.GPIO was throwing this error:

UserWarning: Jetson.GPIO ignores setup()'s pull_up_down parameter warnings.warn(“Jetson.GPIO ignores setup()'s pull_up_down parameter”)

Now I noticed, that pin 37 (GPIO026) doesn’t have a PD/PU resistor.

So which pin should I use for it?

Thanks in advance.