Connect Xiao nRF-52840 to Xiao ESP32-C3 via bluetooth


I’m doing a project for wireless robot and I can find code about comunication between 2 xioas and not using arduino IDE. Someone can help to know how to connect Xiao nRF-52840 to Xiao ESP32-C3 via bluetooth??

Hi there,
Must be going around, Read the threads , lots of folks doing it.
The BLE examples have Both Central and Peripheral in there.
that should get you going. Oh’ and YES you must use Arduino IDE.
You could take a week and learn the Nrf SDK, then another week if your smart to learn the ESP-IDF and if your able to move between the two, then that could work for you. YMMV
GL :slight_smile: PJ

ps. the arduino IDE, it would take about an hour BTW to do that including testing.

“I have one more question about the Xiao nRF52840 Sense. I searched the internet on how to connect the battery to the board and bought a LiPo (3.7V 750mAh). I connected it, but the board is not charging. How can I fix this?”

please do not post the same question in multiple places on the forum

Hi there,
Post a picture of it. is the USB a power cable?
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