Commercial binary to decimal converter device to purchase

I hope that I am placing my question in right forum.
I have a circuit which includes 8-bits counters and 273 registers. I need to display the output of the registers which are updated every 1/32 seconds.
I need FOUR of 3-digit 7-segment display which can take an 8-bits binary number as input in order to convert it to a 3-digit decimal number and display it the 3-digits.
Does anybody know if here is a 7-segment display in the market with reasonable price for converting an 8-bits binary number to 3-digit decimal number where the 7-segment display:
a- is fast enough to clearly display without flickering a binary number which comes from the output of the register while the output of the register is updated every 1/32 seconds?
b- includes a power plug and an 8-bits input plug to accept an 8-bits binary number as input.

I appreciate your help to find such device.
Thank you