Collaterals for LoRa-E5?

Details on the SDKs available for the LoRa-E5 are scant.

As a Cortex-M4, is there an implementation of the Arduino SDK? This should be trivial for the Development Kit and the LoRa-E5 mini.

Are libraries and example available for the Grove LoRa-E5?

Thank you!

I asked STM32duino to add support for the LoRa-E5 boards.

Seeed Studio has launched a new range of LoRa-E5 boards based on the STM32WLE5JC:

Up to now, only the STM32Cube MCU Package for STM32WL series is listed as SDK.

Adding support for those boards could broaden the user’s base and foster new applications. Thank you!

See [New Variant] request list #722 at

That is excellent, and thank you for doing it. The STM32WLE5JC looks like it has broad geographic compatibility, therefore a wide market.

My question is does the product SKU 113990934 (LoRa-E5 Development Kit - based on LoRa-E5 STM32WLE5JC) have certification from LoraWAN organisation ? If not, when can it be expected ?

Also, the range specified is 10 Km. Is that the urban range, and might I expect to get as much as 50 Km in outdoors (rural) environments ?

The range on LoRa devices depends on a lot of parameters, so you will never find a simple answer to that question.
I recommend this video if you want to learn more:
Everything you need to know about LoRaWAN in 60 minutes - Johan Stokking (The Things Industries)

Hi, 10km range is in open area range.