Codec Adaptive Wireless Relay


I have a problem with the Codec Adaptive Wireless Relay. No matter what, it don’t seems to respond to the 433MHz signal from my transmitter.

I’ve done what the datasheet says. But I’m a bit unsure about the latch, is the config of this irrelevant?

The transmitter I’m using is a quite ordinary 433Mhz transmitter, with GND, VCC, DATA and ANT pins. I’ve tried to send both a “1” (logical high) and the letter “A”, but it don’t seems to respond to any of those.

Is there some special code/datatype or something I need to use?

Dear customer,

The relay just remember what you send, so what module transmitter do you use?
And there should be supply power,connect correct pins for relay, did you do that?
Best way is attach your photo here that could be more helpful.

Sorry to tell you 433Mhz can not compatible with this relay.
Please use 315Mhz RF.

Then why does the datasheet say both 315Mhz and 433Mhz? … hrome=true

Dear customer,

This relay can change the RF module which solder on board.
If you check RF modules, you can see 315MHZ is two round copper wire solenoid on it, but 433MHZ is three round copper wire.

So that mean you can change it in 315MHZ or 433MHZ.

Anyway, our product is for 315MHZ.

Hope can help you.

Best regards,


Okay, didn’t know that. But I think I got the three round solenoid. Actually, I’m not quite sure about the solenoid, because there is both a little open coil and something that seems like a coil wrapped in some green plastic. Is this the solenoid?

Anyway, it seems like both of these coils got a three round copper wire.