Code won't upload

No code uploads to my xiao it just stuck at uploading and give me the error No upload port found, using address:"COM34" protocol:"serial" as fallback
I tried different ports, to reset it and to enter bootloader mode but nothing worked.
The device is located under ports with the “USB Serial Device”
(EDIT: the orange light blinks slowly but idk why and there isn’t any activity in task manager either while uploading )

I feel that you did not choose the correct port. Check if there are other ports besides port 34.

I did but I somehow fixed it by uploading code with a Macbook and now I’m able to upload with windows too. Pretty weird

In fact, this situation is also common. Our common solution is often to plug in and unplug the USB cable, restart the computer, etc. Congratulations

Usually it just takes unplugging the USB cable from the computer (not from the MCU) and plugging it back in again.

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