CO2 and O2 soil emission testing project

I would like to set up an experiment to continuously measure gas emissions from soil in jars. I’m most interested in CO2 and O2 gas but would also like to measure N2O or CH4 emissions as well. I will be measuring at least 4-6 jars at once but would ideally like to measure 16-20 jars at the same time.
For the CO2 sensor: I need to measure up to 30,000 ppm (3%). Would this be possible with your sensor?
For the O2 sensor: 3 different sensors ( GGC2330-O2; MIX8410; or ME2-O2-Ф20) are listed on your site- which would you recommend for this?
For system set-up: Would it be possible to measure multiple jars at once, or would this require multiple ArduinoUno set-ups? Would coding be complicated? Could I measure CO2, O2, and either N2O or CH4 at the same time for multiple jars? What parts would I need?
This is my first ever Arduino or coding-related project, so thank you for your patience.