Case / bag for the DSO Quad?

Hi all,

I yesterday got my DSO Quad (as a gift from the wife!!! :astonished: :smiley: ) and haven’t played with it that much, but I really like it so far. Question to all of you, what do you store it in / carry it around in? This is a piece of kit that will be very handy on the road, so I’d like a case that will hold the Quad, probes and USB cable. Any suggestions apart from building my own?

Thanks a lot in advance,



a camera bag for a small camera will do nicely. Bags come in various sizes and storage capacities. Example:
Page is in German but fortunately Google Translator exists ! :smiley:

Another link (in German as well) if you want to make your own bag, Samples may not be to your taste but there are plenty of possibilities !

Have fun !


I think a NDS case will be perfect for the DSO quad.
Like this :