Carrier board for Jetson Orin NX module

Hi. I am looking for carrier board for Jetson Orin NX. I noticed you have two boards A608 and J401. I could not figure the difference between them. The former is slightly more expensive but what does it do better that I can not do with later? Thanks!

Hi there,
To me the J401 is hands down more …lower price, USB-3.0’s, USB-C, 2x camera’s, POE .wow.
It’s not the smallest , and IMO why pay for tiny, in this use case?
my .02
Gl :slight_smile: PJ
even cheaper …$89

built-in antenna’s too!

Thank you! I will purchase J401, as you suggested!

Great Choice, The seeed unit is HIGH Quality.
GL :slight_smile: PJ :+1: