Capacitor Meter and More?

Hi. I bought the cap meter kit from Seeed (JYETECH P/N 102-06001-04.). I used it as a soldering exercise and to, hopefully, help increase my electronics knowledge and diagnostic skills.
Unfortunately at the moment I can only name parts and do some soldering. I can also read a schematic, just!
I note there are some ports on the schematic and some corresponding spaces on the PCB. There is also a LM78L05 regulator on the schematic. It looks like, to my untrained eyes, that I may be able to use the cap meter as an AVR programmer and more.
Is this the case? If so, what do I need to do to extend the cap meter capabilities?
I did solder a socket for the Atmel chip, instead of just soldering the chip in place, so that I could take it out if needed.