Can't use the NEW XIAO Rp2040 - Drivers NOT working Windows 8.1

Hi All,

I have just purchased two new XIAO RP2040 Boards and I could not have the Serial to work no mather what I did. Even tried to install the driver in Windows with Unsigned drivers enabled. Nothing works.

I have tried to let Thonnyssist with installation and I got two different drivers on each one of the boards - One that DOES not work Board CDC and the other that looks like it is working with MicroPython named: Board CDC with iterface and HAVE a COM port number.

when I tried to installe the Pico Drver I got a different driver and IT had PORT as well.

I know that NONE of the settings I have is GOOD since it should be showing the Seeed RP2040 driver for Serial and notheing else.

I have been searching the web for almost two days with no luck - I could NOT find the CORRECT driver for the Xiao RP2040 Serial - it does NOT work at all in Arduino - I have installed the board adn I am getting Errors all the time.

I would be happy if you can HELP me wnd make my board work? Is there a need for a factory reset? If yes, How can I do that?

Please help

I wish I had someone to assist with this - I tried contacting Seeed and I was told to forward my question to the forum of which I will get assistance. I hope to get this fixed with the help with your help, thanks