Can't upgrade to BenF's code

I’m a newby …

I followed the instructions in the UTube video … ion_157499

I’m running XP professional SP3+

A problem was reported in the final step when I installed the driver … but I proceeded anyway.

I ran the Dfuse demonstration software

I first selected BenF’s Lib 3.52
and the load apparently went OK … no errors reported

I then selected APP 3.61
again no errors reported with DfuSe demo

But when I unplugged the USB cable and turned the nano off and on, I still have the original software: App 2.40 and LIB 2.22

Any ideas as to what might be going wrong?

I suspect it might be the driver … but if it didn’t install properly I would expect DfuSe would not have been able to talk to the nano and would have reported an error.


Check to enable the verify box then repeat and see what the verify reports.

Thanks so much for your suggestion … but found the problem and all is OK now!!

What I had done was:

On the left, under upload option, I selected the first of Ben’s files, and then did that again for the other of his files. Today I realized that I had overwritten both of his files with the original code! So I had been rewriting the original code back to the nano when I did the “upgrade”.

Today I unzipped his zip file once again and loaded his code using “upgrade”.

The nano is now working with Ben’s code.

By the way, I didn’t see source code for Ben’s work. Am I not looking in the proper place, or is he not releasing it?


I think I’ve hit another oddity… Though I may also know why… Is there a limit to the number of times you can use DfuSE Demo? I have been trying different firmwares on my DSO, and yesterday, the DfuSE demo program refused to start. So, presently I’m locked into E-Design’s 2.31. (and I want to put BenF’s back, a LOT easier to use! :ugeek: )

Running Windows-7, on a Toshiba A505 laptop. DfuSE was installed 4 weeks ago. this is the 2nd DSO-Nano (v1) (as I broke my 1st one, trying to open the case. Didn’t think to remove the face and back panels 1st, tried separating the plastic parts, thinking snapped together. :confused: and snapped the tab off the switch, as well broke the face panel, stripped the screw sockets of the two black shell halves. :cry: )

(Edited 20 minutes later)
Nevermind… :unamused: I think I did hit it on the head… the Demo is limited to the number of times you can run it, before it refuses to run. I uninstalled 3.0.0, and installed 3.0.1 64-Bit, and it ran. :smiley: Put BenF 3.6.1/Lib 3.5.1 back in… and I’m back up & running again.