Can't reduce the consumption of the wio-e5 mini below 0.55mA

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I’m trying to get the WIO-E5 board to have as little consumption as possible with the LoRaWAN_End_Node example. The program falls asleep between sending messages, but the least consumption that is reached is 0.55mA, well above the 2.4uA that is supposed to be reached.
The board is powered by two AA batteries via the 3.3V pin. What I can do?

I don’t know if this wiki will help you:
爱特梅尔 AVRISP STK500 USB ISP 编程器 |看工作室维基 (

Yes, I tried that example too, but I get the same consumption. You can see in the video of the example that their consumption is also near 0.4mA. Is not possible to get a lower consumption with this board?

2.4 microampere(Only the chip starts without any outside circuitry) is the chip sleep power consumption, there will be other devices on the board, the project will also be connected to other hardware, will increase power consumption, so it is certainly not up to this value, in addition to the program sleep logic is also very influential.

For example, the accompanying LED indicator light, keys, and screen related will be one of the power consumption


I unsoldered the voltage regulator and now I can reach the 4uA when the micro is sleeping. In future updates of the WIO-E5 mini board, SeedStudio should think about introducing a regulator that is really low consumption regulator.

Hey @grf14, if you don’t mind answering, can you explain how you were able to reach 4uA outside of removing the regulator? I am trying to lower the consumption on my mini as well and would appreciate some pointers.

Would the following link be helpful?

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Thanks a lot for the info, I will try to replace the diode also.