Can't pay with Visa because of the telephone number format?


I wanted to buy on seeedstudio using my Visa card. At the end of the form there is a field for telephone number.

My number is 00 (international) 33 (France) then 9 digits. Whatever I do, the system is refusing my paiement saying “Please fill in the correct format phone numbers”

What is the RIGHT format “” is waiting for???



sorry for the inconvenience.
Please try to remove the 00 (international) , if still not right, please try to remove the 00 (international) 33 (France) , use only 9 digits, tell me if it still doesn’t work.


The paiement form asks for a cellphone number in 2 parts and a land phone number in 3 parts.

I tried to put different things in those fields but the javascript checks for a certain format (American? Chinese? HK?) which seems not common for people from website :frowning:

Please simulate the paiement procedure to the end and try yourself! I tried both Cellphone and Phone number parts of the form. My number is something like 00 33 123456789



We have tested several time on the paiement platform, and nothing wrong, the Javascript defines the cellphone number can be NULL and the Phone number can’t, so please try like this:

we have many customers in France, and never met this question before, thanks for your feedback, and hope everything goes well! :wink:

Best wishes,
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Thank you Lafier