Cant install ardupy on wio terminal - board always comes up with curicuitpython

when I try to switch the bootloader ArduPy_wio_terminal_lastest.uf2 there is no impact on the behaviour of the board. The previous bootloader which was flashed was adafruit-circuitpython-seeeduino_wio_terminal-en_US-7.0.0 - and when I look in the file boot_out.txt on the drive CURCUITPY it says
Adafruit CircuitPython 7.0.0 on 2021-09-20; Seeeduino Wio Terminal with samd51p19
Board ID:seeeduino_wio_terminal

How can I get rid of the situation and get ardupy on the wio-terminal?
what i did so far:

  1. get the board in bootloader mode - the drive ARDUINO was showing up
  2. drag and drop the file ArduPy_wio_terminal_lastest.uf2
  3. board rebooted but the DRIVE was not showing Ardupy but CURCUITPY
    I have tried it on 3 different OS - Windows( WIN10) - macOS (Catalina) - Linux (ubuntu 20.04)
    Currently I quiet puzzled and don’t know how to progress.
    Any help is appreciated.