Can't edit prior post

Puzzled… tried to go into my post…

… to tidy some typos… and can’t get in. I click on the “pencil”, upper right, but all I get are the history pages.

I have got into THIS post just now, “pencil” at lower right. I’ve edited before, easily enough.

Ah! Partial enlightenment- to edit THIS post, I click on a pencil at LOWER right, near icons for sharing a link, replying. Other post, one I want to edit, doesn’t seem to HAVE THAT pencil… only the one at UPPER right… Sigh.

Ideas? (I edited that post previously. It is “my” post.)

I was able to edit a post yesterday so it is possible.

If you have more than one account it gets complicated, make sure you are authenticated from the correct account.

It may be an admin setup issue. This might help: