Can't boot the Jetson


I have an issue to boot up the Jetson.
Firstly the Jetson is working properly but i have changed boot from eMMC to M.2 SSD. then it’s work.
After that i have restage the M.2 SSD. the Jetson could not boot.
I have non SD card model. I don’t know how to reinstall the jetflash on eMMC memory.

Can you tell us more about your product name?

it’s Jetson A206 carrier board (equipped with Jetson Xavier NX)
My understanding is the Jetson is came with eMMC memory (No SD Slot).

Hi there,
Not sure if this
Flashing /root to eMMC and /home to SSD - Jetson Nano
helps, but it’s a good read and should shed light on what you want.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Yes, you are right. Here is the wiki about flash JetPack to A206 emmc. Please check: