Cannot install signed usb serial driver (Windows 10)


I recently picked up 3 Seeeduino Xiaos with the intention of using them with Arduino IDE. I am unable to install the driver for them in Windows 10 because it says they are unsigned. I have already tried ignoring code signing for device drivers and still no go. I really want to use these but I can’t unless I get this sorted.

can you share the screenshot of the error window?

Well. I actually figured it out. I had originally seen two different ways to configure how “ignore” that a driver wasn’t signed and to install it anyway in windows 10, but just found a third way by holding shift while clicking restart and making the change that way. It worked, driver installed and now I’m onto my next challenge, interface them with nRF24L01+ so I can make a simple switch trigger LED toggle between the two.

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  1. Select Locate and install driver software.
  2. If the driver isn’t found automatically, select Don’t have a disc. Show more options.
  3. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
  4. Browse to [Installation folder]\EducationSoftware\Drivers\x64, located in C:\Programs Files(x86)\SMARTTechnologies\EducationSoftware\Drivers\x64.
  5. Select the x64 folder and click OK.
    A dialog box appears and displays the selected path.
  6. Browse to the driver software included in the subfolders.
  7. Select Next.
    A confirmation dialog box appears.
  8. Select Install.
    A progress dialog box appears when the installation is complete. This progress dialog box closes and displays a message informing you when the software has been installed.
  9. Click Close.
  10. SMART Board Cable appears in the Device Manager.
  11. If the driver doesn’t install, run the following commands after replacing [Installation folder] with the actual installation path of the SMART education software files ([drive letter]:[location][SMART product])

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