Cannot flash TX2 NX with A203v2 Board


I try to flash the TX2 NX with the A203v2 with the SDK Manager but it does not work as indicated in the Seeed wiki. Is there a specific flashing software to flash the TX2 NX with the A203v2 ?

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Dear Seeed team,

in addition to Brice_Miramont I went into issue with TX2-NX SOM + A203v2 carrier board.

Followed this tutorial, and started flashing emmc through command line :

Applied patchs to L4T R32.6.1 package by replacing :

  • tegra186-mb1-bct-pinmux-p3636-0001-a00.cfg
  • tegra186-p3636-0001-p3509-0000-a01.dtb.

Used this command line : sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx mmcblk0p1
Is it the right one ?

After first reboot, nvidia boot logo is stuck and nothing happens.
I would like to share the log, but as a new user of this forum I can’t…

I reFlashed several times, and managed to have the TX2-NX booting Ubuntu right after flashing process.
But after a power on-off cycle, comes back to nvidia logo stuck.

I saw, this boot unreliability issue with A206 (
Is there same sort of issue with A203v2 ?

Will share on too.


Dear Seeed team,

here is the log coming from uart1 at boot time :

welcome to lk
adc initialized
chip_revision initialized
speedo initialized
dt initialized
clk_init_mrq: mrq handler registered
383 clocks registered
clock initialized
reset initialized
i2c5 controller initialized
i2c10 controller initialized
initialized i2c mrq handling
i2c initialized
thermal initialized
fuse initialized
soctherm initialized
aotag initialized
cvc initialized
regulator initialized
dvs initialized
t186_dvs initialized
pm initialized
tegra186_reset initialized
uart initialized
sku_init: not sku 00
sku initialized
modules initialized
tag initialized
avfs_clk_platform initialized
parse_possible_parent_table: pllp_bb not in allowed parent table for axi_cbb
clock_dt initialized
powergate initialized
avfs_gpu initialized
clock_gpu initialized
debugfs_mrq initialized
emc initialized
gpmu2bpmp initialized
mc_init_mrq: mrq handler registered
mc initialized
pg_mrq initialized
pg_legacy_mrq initialized
pm_post initialized
ppm initialized
uphy_dt initialized
uphy initialized
mrq initialized
tag is 91572a54614f84d0fd0c270beec2c56f
tag_lateinit initialized
clock_debugfs initialized
thermal_test initialized
avfs_clk_platform_post initialized
avfs_debugfs initialized
clock_pto initialized
cvc_dt initialized
debugfs_cons_init initialized
dvs_debugfs initialized
rm initialized
edp initialized
gboost initialized
powergate_debug initialized
regulator_post initialized
sku_debugfs initialized
speedo_debugfs initialized
soctherm_debug initialized
aotag_hsm initialized
sc7_diag initialized
starting app shell
entering main console loop
] help
command list:
try_dw : display memory in words. Skip data aborts
tests : invoke tests
ping : ping mail target
i2cw : write byte to PWR_I2C
i2cr : read byte from PWR_I2C
display_dt : display DT
chipid : display chipid info
tag : show tag
dw : display memory in words
dh : display memory in halfwords
db : display memory in bytes
mw : modify word of memory
mh : modify halfword of memory
mb : modify byte of memory
fw : fill range of memory by word
fh : fill range of memory by halfword
fb : fill range of memory by byte
mc : copy a range of memory
cc : clean cache for a range of memory
ci : invalidate cache for a range of memory
cf : clean and invalidate (flush) cache for a range of memory
fc : clean and invalidate (flush) whole data cache
td : trace dump
help : this list
debugfs : debugfs commands
threads : list kernel threads
threadstats : thread level statistics
threadload : toggle thread load display

Is there a way to fix this ?


I am having a very similar problem.

I can flash jetpack 4.6 to emmc via command line without a problem and if I applied the two .cfg and .dtb files that seedstudio supplies as drivers. This makes my carrier boards SD card work. However, I am struggling to get my spi pins to function or get the m.2 slot to recognize an nvme drive. When I modify the pinmux file to enable spi or if I use to enable spi I get the same boot logo freeze that you are describing on reboot.

Did you ever find a solution?

@Vincent Did you ever find out where the boot log (ie the console) UART hookup is located? I think it should be UART2, but the pinout sheet only shows a UART2_RXD pin (I’m not able to find UART2_TXD).

In case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation:

Pin 9 on the W7 connector should be UART2_TX (not GND)