Cannot find button on Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Hi, I bought one set of Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor, model S-TH-01. The datasheet said there is a button on the sensor to reset confuration to default, I totally cannot find the button. Can anybody show me where it is? Thanks.

For this button, it is not typically used internally in the sensor. Are you currently experiencing any issues with it?

I’m developing a driver for it and so far everything works fine with default settings. I will provide some options, such as working at a higher baud rate, if my code is buggy there may be a risk of corrupting the EEPROM contents. That button is useful for me to bring it back.

Unscrew the casing of the sensor to reveal a button with a yellow tape wrapped around it on the PCB board.

Hi, Xinan
Great! I can try my code now. Thanks you very much.