Cannot enable SD on J1010


I’ve been trying to enable the SD card by following your guide: J101 Enable SD Card | Seeed Studio Wiki.

It fails when I try the jetson-io step because of a “No board data found” error. I checked the scripts to understand what’s happening and in fact there are not match boards between compatible in /sys/firmware/devicetree/base and the jetson-io boards folder.

I have already searched for similar problems, and I discovered on nvidia forums that jetson-io does not support the emmc module. Then I wonder, how is the guide supposed to work if one of the tools is not supported for its jetson module model?

By the way, I flashed the emmc module with jetson linux R32.5.

Best regards.

Hello again.

I’ve discovered that the problem is the jetson linux version. I tried R32.5 because our firmware is based on that version, but it seems that there’s no alternative other than to upgrade it to R32.7+.

As a suggestion, you should list the R32.7 version as a minimal requirement and not as a recommendation.

Best regards.