Cannot communicate with USB-CAN Analyser


This is Adiraju, I am currently working as an intern at LANG AG Germany in the R&D department, where I am a part of the project which tries to extract CAN BUS data from a battery pack.

We have bought the product USB-CAN analyser and were working on it, but unfortunately we are not able to see the CAN BUS data. I have followed all the instructions like setting up the baud rate and rechecking it with the COM port in the device manager. I can see the red LED light up whenever I try to send a fame but cannot see any received frames (Loopback and silent mode). I even checked with Normal mode but whenever I set and start I can see the Red LED blink once but there is no output visible even though the green LED is blinking (bit rate of the CAN BUS is in accordance with the battery pack i.e. 500kbps).

Could you please help me with this issue, since we want to make use of this module for analysing the data for Quality Assurance (using a windows PC and a Python-can module).

PS: Can I use Python-can module to extract the data (if so what should be the bus type)?

Thanks and regards
Aahlad Adiraju