Canbed (Can Bus Dev Kit) not showing in Windows 10 Device Manager

I recently purchased both a Canbed Dev board & Can Bus Shield for Arduino.

The Can Bus Shield is successfully attached to clone UNO ( CH340 drivers ) & runs correctly, my Windows 10 laptop USB3 correctly allocates com port & I can use to Arduino IDE to program it.

The Canbed board is not recognised by the Windows 10 computer when plugged in - not music chord, Device Manager does not show it. The Canbed board lights up when plugged in, leds flash etc but not recognised by laptop.
I have tried x3 different USB cables - all new.
I have tried different USB sockets
Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue. Any updates on the canbed dev kit module not showing up in device manager?

I reprogrammed the bootloader using an arduino uno via the ICSP, uploaded new bootloader fine but still the same issue!