Can I transmit data from XIAO nRF52840 Sense to an Arduino via RF protocol?

I’m creating a project from university and i will gonna use the nRF52840 as giro sensor, but until i bougth the micro controlller i need to know if it was compatible with rf protocolo, if can get a help, im thankful.

Hi there and Welcome.
Good choice on choosing Seeed Studio’s Xiao Line of MCU’s
What RF protocol are you interested in implementing? or a Custom one?
Do you want a P to P or Master Slaves, Broadcast or Mesh?
Lot’s of very smart folks on here to help you.
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I dont know what is the best one, but some of them are supported by nRF52840? I think I will gone use Master Slaves.

Hi there,
So there are a ton of examples Sending the Xiao Gyro data over BLE to a mobile device or Desktop.
Do you want Accelerometer readings or Gyro. What is the goal of this assighnment?
just to send the data is EASY. Use the search box above and “sending BLE accelerometer”
should get several hits.
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Well, I was shearching for more information about Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 sense, and i found a compatible nRF52840 from the same company. I just wanna know, how can i comunite witch other nRF via bluetooth 5.0 using STMide. Which protocolo is better and if already exist some code in c ou c++ about bluettoth 5.0 using STMide.

There is a link from the sense: Getting Started with XIAO nRF52840 | Seeed Studio Wiki

Hi there,
The arduino IDE id the easiest for the development, PlatformIO for more Debugging support, STM32 IDE is geared towards there mcu’s and has a more steep learning curve, but bluetooth is agnostic so they each can EXCHANGE data over ble NO PROBLEM.
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where i can get more information about ble for nRF?

Hi there,
Pretty much anywhere, LOL
I like the real basic ones to start with. Like the one a Random Nerd
or Sparkfun also. Here is one from Adafruit , it’s almost exactly like the Xiao Nrf52840.
Start there, and ask any questions you might have after giving it a read.
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There are some on the Seeed Wiki as well.