CAN bus to Import bus from vintage controller - Is it feasible?


I have a vintage (model train controller Hornby Zero1) Texas Instruments TMS1000 chip that outputs onto a 2 wire bus, to which receivers are attached and receive data for speed etc. I have data structure and frequency info available later.

This enquiry is nothing to do with using CAN in a motor vehicle. This would only be a basic minimal project for a CAN bus ??, if feasible, which I am asking below. Or is there a better option?

Feasability - Is it possible to take the output(result of keyboard entries from the TMS1000 2 wire bus and feed it into a Seeede Studio CAN bus, and then place that output ) from the Arduino, onto a 2 wire bus. Result should be exactly the same on Arduino 1 output and usable to be read by the receivers. Basically just passes the same data coming in, straight thru to output, but now on a modern programmable chip.

Reason is, at a later stage is to have a second Arduino with its own keyboard to produce data for a second bus (same type of data ). And next stage is to take bus #1 and #2 onto a third (if necessary?)Arduino and insert one output into the other bus. End up with a single 2 wire bus to receivers. That is to combine data bus periodically (say every 500ms to 1 sec)
This is a project to increase the number of locomotive addresses on TMS1000 to more than 16, without modifying the original controller.
So keyboard 1 on the TMS1000 used as normal. Keyboard on Arduino to use numbers above 16 with speed and direction data, then becomes 1 data stream covering loco addresses from 1 to say 64.

That is_
Arduino 1 receives code from TMS1000 and outputs to Arduino 1 bus.
Arduino 2 receives similar data via keyboard and sends to Arduino 2 bus
Arduino 3 (or by any method) receives data from Arduino 1 bus and Arduino 2 bus, and combines into 1 bus (Arduino 3?) and bus delivers data to the receivers.

Main thing is to see if part 1 above is feasible to start with.
All comments will be much appreciated.
Charles Harris

I have an interest in this subject and may be able to help


Just read your post here. I am way behind and catchng up on correspondence.

Yes I would liive to hear your comments. My project still in mind.
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