CAN BUS Shield v0.9b

Hello I’m trying to connection between Aurduino+Seeed CAN Bus Shield v0.9b and my computer.

I used sample code which is on seeed wiki.

but it doesn’t work at all.

First, Initialize is always failed.
how to solve this one? I saw some post that said write MCP_CAN CAN(9);
but it also doesn’t work…

Second, I want to CAN communication through CABLE (with 9holes)

Could you help me?
every post will be appreciated


Hi, SPI CS of v0.9 is default D10, so please change to MCP_CAN CAN(10).
what kind of cable? any details? :smiley:

thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I already solved it !

Pin arrangement was different :slight_smile:

hello! I also encountered the same problem with you, how do you solve?Thank you very much!!!