Can-Bus Analyzer USB

I bought a Can-Bus Analyzer USB log time ago but never had time to use it, till now.
The Adapter is V7.1 and I’m using USBCAN V8.00 and V7.20.
I can setup the COM and bps and changing bps also work, I get 3x LEDs so its 115k2 bps.
So far so good.
The green LED is not blinking or on.
I’m sure that CANH is connected to CANH / CANL to CANL, this was validated with a Scope.

So I read documentation and try the selftest in Mode Loop back + Silent mode, press Set and Start Button but no messages are shown.

Can-Bus is working, validated with the Scope.
How to proceed?
Should the green Led be on / blinking while connected to the Can-Bus?
For the selftest what shold be done? Connected to the Can-Bus or just open?