Call Tracking today is more used in insurance

Making process See some of the tool’s solutions that help increase your sales conversions from this resource that is both financiallyThe Call Tracking system issues management reports containing the communication channels that most originated calls and other important information for defining the marketing strategy. Identifies missed calls Call Tracking also has the ability to keep a constant record of missed calls, identifying the number to call back as quickly as possible Indicates sales opportunity.

The platform has a marker that signals calls with more than two minutes of conversation, which may indicate a high the call is returned with a calibrated speech. An example: someone calls a tire store asking for equipment that the company does not have, but whose sales ticket justifies the Phone Number List purchase and resale of the product. As much as the seller does not have this insight at the time of the call, tracking it by the manager can generate a new call, much more interesting to the end customer. call recording Call Tracking records all incoming calls for future decision making. In general terms, listening to calls is a valuable resource for the commercial area, as it is at this moment that professionals understand.

The client’s intention and begin to use an adequate approach to convince the lead. Artificial intelligence Many innovative Call Tracking tools use an artificial intelligence resource called “speech analytics”. Basically, this function allows the identification of how many times certain keywords were used in the links. For example: it is possible to identify the number of repetitions that the term “help you” was said in customer support calls, or how many times the names of competitors were mentioned. This information is valuable for adjusting new campaign strategies. Data collection by the Call Tracking system not only improves the efficiency of marketing campaigns, but also brings immediate benefits to the company in terms of return on investment. Among the main ones, we can highlight: Cost reduction for customer acquisition; Indication of new opportunities Improved customer service Qualification and monitoring of the sales team.