button pad box

so the last month and a half i have been working on an enclosure for my seeeduinome and finally I am done. you can see some images here and the finished box here.

they all will be on the flickr link once my monthly bandwidth gets reset

the box is made with 5.6mm acrylic. i used a local site but you could use somewhere like ponoko to make it, though mine was acrylic from lowes.com and ponoko has acrylic that is 6mm thick and it would make a difference on the fit.

seeed, whats the possibility of you guys offering such an item?

It looks great!!

We are preparing for a new service to work with customers to distribute their design, quite similar to Ponoko but in a rolyalty way. When a design is send to us, we will take care of the manufacturing, inventory and distribution; 10% of the sales price to the original desinger will be sent as royalty,which would be a positive feedback in respect for the open source spirit and effort contributed. The scope will include Kit, PCB, Module and anything people have inspiration and we have capability.

Opinions welcomed! ^^