Brand-new reComputer J4012 (Orin NX 16GB) stopped working after hooking up with PC

I recently purchased a Orin 16GB and wanted to flash JetPack 6.0 DP using SDK Manager on a new and bigger NVMe SSD. So I removed the shipped SSD, inserted the new one, connected the board with my PC via a data USB-C cable and powered the board with 12V. As I didn’t see the board via lsusb I was browsing the internet to search for more detailed information about the flashing procedure. The NVIDIA pages didn’t tell how exactly to bring the board into recovery mode. After 20min searching I found out I should use use a jumper between pin 3 and 4. While inserting the jumper I noticed that the orin 16GB module got very hot!
Further tries to get the board connecting or running failed. It also does not boot up with the original NVMe SSD. It seems broken now. I suspect the module overheated because the fan was not running during the recovery procedure.

What should I do now? I spent 1000 EUR on this board and now it seems it is broken although I haven’t even used it!