Bouffalo Dev Cube has the download been suspended?

I’ve tried on Mac and PC to download the BL Dev cube software from their Dev website but there is no BLDevCube.dmg or BLDevCube.exe in any of the downloads. Can anyone help?

I have had the same issue. I am trying to image my A1101 AI camera sensor, however, the download link to Bouffalo Dev Cube is nonexistent.

Can someone from Seeed Studio please help with this issue??

Download | Bouffalo Lab Developer Zone
I believe they re-added the dev cube.

Thank you, they have.

  1. Check the Correct Website: Make sure you are on the official website of BL Dev Cube. Sometimes, unofficial websites may show up in search results, leading to confusion.
  2. Contact Support: Reach out to the support team or customer service of BL Dev Cube. They can provide you with direct links or assistance in finding the correct download files.