bootloader Cortex®-M0 in odyssey

How to upload a bootloader to Cortex®-M0 + ?
I have atmel-ice and usbasp.

Hi, To upload bootloader to SAMD21 on Odyssey X86, you need to use the following SWD points on the back

And follow through this document(with resources included), click here to download.

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Thank you very much for information.

What type of plug fits into the white outlet.
Where can you buy it.

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The solder joints on the side works too, a simple lead out wire will do.

i would guess you can use those touch points just above it, but it’s a JST plug i beleive

hi, what is the connector name. I want to flash firmware and debugging.

Hi @newpronik

For now, the connector cable is not available yet, so you will need to solder some lead out jumpers on the solder pads.

maybe i can find it at other seller, please tell me just name. I have to use cable because i have a lot of odyssey. I want to flash it externaly.