Boot from SD using QEngineering's 20.04 jetson image on B02 Jetson nano

Hi I have a B02 Jetson nano board with 16GB emmc, which I’ve managed to install 18.04 using Nvidia’s SDK manager. Then in order to enable SD card I’ve followed the this.

The SD card already has the 20.04 image burned using etcher.

Then I changed the extlinux.conf file to point to this partition. But it fails to boot with errors. Please feel free to ask for more data as I have no idea how to fix this. Any redirection to similar issues also will be helpful.

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Hi there,
Did you change the speed for the SD card? (48k) may be too high.
I would look to that first, then the SD card itself. Try another. also what Allocation size did you format with and did you pre format the SD or let etcher do it?
look there as well.
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

What device are you using, is it a B01,A02 or the J1010 in the link? As far as I know, the B01’s system is flashed directly into the SD card

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